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Glassique Bleu Web Graphics Kit E-mail
Категория: Photoshop » PSD исходники | Опубликовал: dimsons | Дата: 31-08-2011, 19:33
Если вы сейчас находитесь на нашем сайте и просматриваете данный материал, Glassique Bleu Web Graphics Kit значит, Вы заинтересованы в том, чтобы скачать бесплатно Glassique Bleu Web Graphics Kit автора dimsons. Надеемся, материал будет вам полезен. Спасибо за посещение нашего ресурса!

Glassique Bleu Web Graphics Kit

Glassique Bleu Web Graphics Kit
Glassique Bleu Web Graphics Kit is a set of stylish blue graphical elements for websites and software. If you’re looking for a professional looking but stylish, crisp and easy to read elements, then Glassique Bleu is the web graphics kit that is suited for your project!

It contains almost all of the ui elements you’ll need in your project. The PSD included in this package is neatly structured, with well named layers and color coded for your convenience! Each element are enclosed in it’s own layer group, complete with over states, normal states and selected states! All you need to do is drag the element you want over to your project document and enter the correct information!

PSD | 31,5 mb

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